Earn money using Google Tez App Refer and Earn 51RS and upto RS9000

Hello Friends, Today we have come up with new referral app name Tez App (Payment App By Google). Tez App Is Same as Phone Pe & Bhim App. It is digital cashless payment system launched by Google.

What is Google Tez?

Google Tez is a Mobile application (Mobile apps) which helps to transfer money in easy way to


Referral Code:  0k6iv          https://g.co/tez/0k6iv   

Max. Amount Earned Rs.9000

How To Get Rs.51 While Sign up For Tez App Refer And Earn (Payment App By Google):

  • Download Tez App
  • Register Your Mobile Number ( Same As in your Linked Bank Account )
  • Go To Left Menu > Tap On Your Profile
  • Link Your Bank Account ( Search Or Check Your Bank Account )
  • Set Or Enter The Existing UPI Pin
  • Now Do a Transaction Of Rs. 1 Or More
  • Boom !! You Got Rs.51 For Doing First Transaction

How To Get Rs.51 While Referring Your Friends To Tez App :

  • Open Your Tez App
  • Click On Reward Section
  • Choose Invite Friends
  • Share Your Referral Link With Your Friends
  • You And Your Friend Will Get Rs.51 (After Their First Transaction On Tez App Via UPI)














How to find Competitive exam question paper document on Google?

For preparing Competitive exam or bank exam, first step we are focusing on searching for previous year question paper and material etc..

But if you do a search on Google for keyword like “bank exam question paper” , Google will through you a top 10 results. The real fact is i spend more time, to find the question paper in word document. It’s really frustrated for me and spend hours to find the correct document.

In this post, i will help you, how you can save your time while searching for the latest question paper or bank exam question paper.

Use the below keyword,

question paper filetype:doc


The format to search easy in Google

question paper filetype:doc

1. In above, first your keyword then space.

2. Next space filetype:doc   (use colon : without spaces) see above image.

You can use any file format like, pdf of flash. I hope now you can search the document in easy way.

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FREE: sms reminder for any event using Google calendar

In previous post, I share an article about employment renewal. In case if you missed you can read here. After renewal the employment, sure we will forget the date. In this post, I will share you how you get reminder in your mobile.

This post will helpful for you to renew in next time without delay. Just note down the renewal date. For eg: july 2014. Sure i will forgot at that time, so it’s better to set SMS reminder at that time july 2014.

With the help of your gmail account, you can create a event like employment renewal date in Google calendar. At that time of 2014, you will receive the Sms notification or reminder for you. For these, you must register your phone number in google calendar. See the below steps how you can set the sms reminder.

NOTE: It’s totally FREE of charge make use of it.

Sms reminder using Google Calendar

First we are going to verify your mobile number, so that you will receive the sms notification. After that we are going to create a event (for me july,2014).

1. Login with your gmail http://google.com/calendar

a) (If you first time using the google calendar, you need to set your timezone.) You will see the below screenshot.

Timezone Google calendar

b) Click the time zone, and select your country. I am from india, so I selected India and my time zone is GMT+5.30

c) set your mobile number

Set mobile number

After you enter the mobile number and send code, you get a verification code from Google. Enter the verification code and confirm it.

Now, you receive the sms that says “Your device at mobile number has been verified.” Now we have successfully verified the mobile number with Google calendar.

Another way you can set the mobile number is, Click the Gear icon and choose the settings. Here under mobile setup, navigation you see the options.

2.Next, we are going to set the reminder for employment renewal by creating events. Now ,it’s time to set reminder for employment renewal.

Choose the date of your next renewal date in calendar. see the below screenshot below.


Then Click create event, now the event is created. You can also edit the event as per you like. You can adjust the time, and repeatedly remind the date.

I hope this post helpful for your next employment renewal date. Thank you reading, if it helped then do share with your friends on facebook and twitter. Your comments are always welcome.

How to : Employment renewal online in tamilnadu easy way!

After you completed graduate now without wasting your time, you can easily register in online. While i am searching for employment renewal online i never get the right information. so i want to share this post for beginners like me. I hope this post will helpful for you and easy also.

If you know the Registration No then you can easily login to the website and renewal your employment details.

To renewal the employment follow the below steps

1. click here tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in

2. In your identity card see your registration number it should be something like 1996M00216

3. Find your employment exchange code here

4. Then if you register in chennai select CTS1996M00216

5. Between after M or F you need to enter three zeros 000.

6. so your username is CTS1996M00000216 and your password is your data of birth in this pattern (dd/mm/yyyy)

Login to the left side panel, and renewal your employment history. Hope this post helpful for you.

Note: For your next renewal date you can setup the SMS reminder Read here     how.

Old Employment Registration format follow the below steps

For eg: if the old Employment Registration is W/7054/1998 log in as CHP1998F00007054),and your password will be your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) in this pattern.

If you can’t find the solution or get in touch with email, then send a mail regarding your query by clicking the sidebar image.

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Welcome to my Website!

Welcome to easyanything! This is my first post on easyanything.

In this blog i will share the information what i learn new things around the internet. You can ask questions to me, i am very much happy to help you.

The main motivation to start this blog to share my knowledge and time saving. Yes, By reading my blog you will save more time. some of the information in Google.com you didn’t receive correct information when do a query.

Do you need any suggestion or right information, then contact me. I will happy to help you

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